Ecto 2 Hybrid Cannon Pack

Ecto 2 Hybrid Cannon Pack

The Ecto 2 Proton Pack. Neat, right?


Never made sense to me that we couldn't bring a pack with us on Ecto 2. Now we can.


This is a custom design of mine. This pack comes in three parts. The backpack portion fits under Ecto 2 where the orginial gun would mount. The cannon parts seperate from the pack and plug into the screw holes of Ecto 2. When not in use by Ecto 2, the pack fits Ghostbusters figures just like my Kenner packs will.


Store it when not in use on Ecto 2, break it out when danger is at hand.


Simply select your pack color and stream color at check out - I will take care of the rest.


*slight up charge for Purple and Glow In The Dark as these colors are getting harder to obtain from a decent manufacturer.

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