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Firehouse Rail Set

Firehouse Rail Set

Thank you for checking out another listing from Charlie's Custom Toy Shop.

This listing is for a set of fire rails for the Real Ghostbusters Fire House.

These rails were designed by me using my CAD software of choice. I have spent hours working on getting these to a point where they are both durable and good looking. 

Color options include: Black, White, and Grey.


Combined Shipping

Combined shipping is available with most of my items. eBay should have it setup where it combines the totals for you automatically. 


Hours of Operation

Usually I spend anywhere from two to three hours a day working on the toy shop during the week. I rarely focus any time on it during the weekends and I do take extended vacations for holidays. If you need something just buzz me here and I will respond to your message (usually I check messages twice a week). You can also follow me on instagram @charliescustomtoyshop and we can chat there if you would like. 



Please know that the process I use for shipping is a little unorthodox. If you see that your item has shipped but tracking has not updated, it probably means that I have printed out your shipping label several days earlier than I will ship (this is for order preparation and my sanity). Feel free to message me if you see some tracking issues with your label and I will respond to you when I get a chance (I usually check messages twice a week). 


Sanity Disclaimer

Please know that my toy shop is not a full time gig for me. I spend, at most, two or three hours on it a day and it isn’t always shipping that I am doing. With that being said, my default shipping window is stated at 15 business days to accommodate for my life, sanity, and forward progress in being able to offer new items on a fairly regular schedule. You are more than welcome to ask me about the progress of your order, and I will respond when I check my messages (usually twice a week). 


Product Disclaimer:

This item was designed and created for the adult collector and should not be considered a child’s toy. Charlie’s Custom Toy Shop is not responsible for any actions or injuries that take place as a result of adult’s purchasing these products for young children. 



All items were created by me using CAD software and other 3D design tools.

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