Replacement Stream Set (Four Streams)

Here they are - replacement streams! Use them as you wish, buy as many as you would like! Sold in sets of four.


Color choices include:


Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Glow In the Dark, Pink, Grey, Blue, Black, Lime Green


Please tell me your color choices below. You can mix and match however you see fit. 


Design Notes

This item was designed by Charlie. Please know that I am constantly redesigning items for production and durability purposes, so if there is a subtle change in the product you receive than the one that is pictured, chances are I updated the print to be more durable/worthy of your purchase, and have yet to update my pictures for the product.


Play or Display Information

Most of what I design works well for display purposes or the adult collector. However, if you are buying something with kids in mind, just let me know. I can figure something out for you if I don't already have a kid friendly version of a product available. 



Always interested in meaningful feedback. Please feel free to provide me with feedback upon receiving your order. You can email me at


    Proton Stream 1 Color
    Proton Stream 2 Color
    Proton Stream 3 Color
    Proton Stream 4 Color

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