KENNER COMPATIBLE: UNA Pack Set of Four Packs w/ Streams

KENNER COMPATIBLE: UNA Pack Set of Four Packs w/ Streams

Want to breath new life into your Kenner "The Real Ghostbusters" action figures? 


We got you.


This set of four replacement packs  are a custom design by Charlie and will fit your Kenner "The Real Ghostbusters" vintage action figures. Without modification, the packs will lock into place on the first wave of figures (the original set with the tabbed expansions within the figure's back-pack mount).  They will also (with expansion of the inner circle within the figure's back-pack mount) fit other waves of figures from this product line, including the Slime Heroes, Power Pack, and Ecto Glow lines.



This item was designed and created for the adult collector and should not be considered a child’s toy. Charlie’s Custom Toy Shop is not responsible for any actions or injuries that take place as a result of adult’s purchasing these products for young children. 



All items were created by me using CAD software and other 3D design tools.



I am open to feedback on items.

    Proton Stream 1 Color
    Proton Stream 2 Color
    Proton Stream 3 Color
    Proton Stream 4 Color